• Professional Alabama private investigators can help gather information and witness statements for court cases, civil claims, and more. These records can help facilitate a positive outcome for any situation involving you and the law.

    Why do you need accurate and complete witness statements?

    • To gather necessary and useful information about the case
    • To create a record of witness observations and recollections
    • To document testimony in order to minimize the risk of evidence tampering or hostile witnesses.

    When you need reliable witness statements that will hold up in court, an experienced private investigator in Birmingham or other city will locate and contact the original witness and take their statement accurately. These verified documents hold the most weight during the court proceedings.

    The matter what the situation or legal matter you face, the private investigator you hire is responsible for gathering facts and data to assist you. Witness statements remain a powerful source of this information at can facilitate and much more beneficial outcome to both criminal and civil court cases.

    Common witness statement types include:

    • Written documents directly from the witness themselves
    • Official affidavits signed by the witness
    • Investigator reports signed by the witness
    • Audio recordings of statements or stories
    • Video statements

    While some witnesses to a crime or incident are open and willing to speak honestly about what they observed, others are reluctant or hostile. Trained private investigators in Alabama have the skills necessary to encourage statements and records while maintaining the utmost respect and compliance with the law. This essential quality of gathering witness statements ensures that anything said or written will be admissible in court. If witness statements are gathered illegally or dishonestly, their value to your case diminishes or disappears.

    When working with a reluctant, hostile, or unsure witness, the private investigator must make careful determinations as to whether the statement is accurate and supportive. If the witness lacks coherence or a strong memory of the events, their statement may be less helpful than intended. Any contradictions or obvious lies will damage your own credibility. Obviously, Admitting these into evidence would hurt any criminal or civil case.

    In both criminal and civil court, a witness statements stands in its original form. You or your attorney cannot pick and choose different parts of the statements to submit as evidence. If the record gathered has both beneficial and damaging information in it, many attorneys will choose not to include it in their case. Since this negates the power of the positive statement, it benefits you to get a qualified private investigator who understands how to finesse the situation.

    At Robison Legal Services, we offer highly skilled and trained Alabama private investigators who have what it takes to conduct witness interviews and gather the most favorable statements possible. This is always done under the letter of the law by developing focused questions and eliciting responses that make sense, include only honest answers, and will provide beneficial evidence to help you win in court. The process also includes investigation and information gathering beyond witness statements. The combination of both these practices allow for more complete and admissible statements overall.


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