• Process Server

  • People in the United States have the right to remain informed of any legal proceedings or changes that affect them directly. This includes opening cases or changes to existing ones. This method of directly sharing information requires face-to-face contact. In other words, and appointed individual must hand over the paperwork to the person being served. This process serving requirement ensures that there are no mistakes or missteps in the course of action. Although process servers are occasionally hired by the court system, any documents get delivered by independent operatives.

    Our process servers deliver every type of legal document including subpoenas, summons, divorce papers, injunctions, hearing notices, evictions, and for throughout the state of Alabama. Before a server is allowed to perform this important duty, they are extensively trained in all current laws and guidelines to ensure the process follows all state and federal requirements.

    We Handle Even the Most Difficult Process Serving Cases

    Needless to say, many people do not want to receive court documents, subpoenas, or eviction notices. They may actively avoid receiving the paperwork or even hide from process servers. When challenges arise, our document delivery experts use their special skills to get the job done as quickly as possible.

    Other potential issues with process serving include:

    • Obsolete or in accurate addresses and contact information
    • Residential communities with security gates that disallow access
    • Scheduling conflicts or frequent travel
    • Complete avoidance or engaging others to lie about the person's whereabouts
    • Refusal to accept a document being handed to them directly

    These and other difficulties that may arise during a process serving situation are unfortunately commonplace. However, the experience and training our experts receive help them overcome these issues and get the paperwork into the right hands no matter what. Failure to serve paperwork can stop court cases, contracts, and everything else from a marriage to an eviction. You need the best people for the job so things can move forward unabated. Our process servers can provide exactly that.


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