• One of the best ways to ensure your privacy and safety is always to maintain vigilance of your surroundings. This includes not only looking and listening for anything unusual but also monitoring your mobile devices and phone. Stay aware of the possibility that unscrupulous strangers may access them to transmit information you would rather keep private.

    Every person in the United States has a constitutional right to privacy. Although law enforcement has more rights than others, private individuals, companies, or public organizations must follow all existing laws that pertain to surveillance and monitoring. Your counter surveillance expert knows what these are and can identify signs that someone is compromising your rights.

    Another form of counter surveillance includes the use of camera detectors that can identify hidden cameras in your home, workplace, or any public location you frequent. While security cameras on the street or in a privately owned establishment are perfectly legal in most cases, a private investigator in Birmingham knows the difference and can either disable illegal ones or bring them to the attention of the property owner. Bug or listening device detectors seek out any gadget with microphones or similar recording capability.

    If you attempt to get these devices yourself and scan for illegal surveillance gadgets, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law without even knowing it. Some of the surveillance definitions and allowances contradict each other or have loopholes that bad people use to get the information they want with less risk. These issues necessitate the help of experience private investigators to operate a counter surveillance services.

    Hiring local Alabama experts like ours ensures that all local laws are followed to the letter. With the latest technology and years of experience, we can help you regain your privacy and protect your personal, professional, and financial security against unwanted surveillance. Do not allow spies to compromise your safety or negatively affect your life. Get the help you deserve from the professionals who can truly make a difference.


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