• The need for independent, third-party witnesses for statements and signings in this country have given rise to the licensed and commissioned role of notary public. After they receive their appointment from a probate judge, they become qualified to stand in as an official witness to many different types of situations. They focus primarily on things like document signing by one or more people, legal agreements, and given statements for everything from court claims to business deals.

    A notary public not only witnesses an official document signature. They are also responsible for screening identification documents to make sure they are who they claim to be. Also, they ensure that all parties are involved willingly and without coercion. Other responsibilities include ensuring complete understanding of the documents in question. A notary public should disallow the signing if anyone involved is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    The wide variety of signatures, transactions, and agreements notary publics witness include:

    • Power of attorney documentation
    • Medical release forms
    • Real estate contracts and closings
    • Court-related witness statements
    • Wills, estate plans, and trust account agreements
    • Business contracts
    • Marriage license signatures

    An important part of the process of becoming a notary public is taking an oath to remain impartial and fair. This means that they cannot have a vested interest in either person or group involved in the signature or transaction. They cannot discriminate for any reason and must accept all clients who are legally engaging in one of the activities that require a notary public witness. Their primary objective is complete impartiality and fairness for everyone involved.

    The list of possible contracts that require signatures and an official witness is longer than this page. Besides things like marriage licenses and estate planning, many of these documents are agreed upon by people that really do not know each other well. Since a bond of trust may not exist, it is a notary public's job to ensure the agreement is authentic and appropriate. These individuals are deemed officially trustworthy when they get the notary public designation. When you engage the services of one of our specialists, you can be sure that the signed documents would hold up to any future scrutiny.

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