• Most Internet users have come across ads for "Found Money" or similar asset search services that promise to discover if you are owed anything from any forgotten sources. These websites may find a small amount of information based on your identity but did not go deep into official records at all. Our Alabama private investigators have the skills necessary to delve into more precise information to find what you need to discover hidden assets you knew nothing about. Not only can they find them for you, but they can also provide necessary documentation and proof that you have the right to collect.

    When you invest in a highly specialized asset search investigator, you get much more than any ordinary online search could bring. We will never charge you for the type of information you can get for free. Instead, we reveal the truth and give our professional opinions about whether going after your assets is worth your time and money.

    Although the processes and laws regarding hidden asset search and reclamation differ across the country, our private investigators have the expertise to understand Alabama rules. The collection procedure designed to give you back what you deserve often includes a court case and official judgment. However, you will not have the opportunity to file for this legal decision if you do not have sufficient documentation about hidden assets and their ownership. The courts have no way of verifying these things, and they are not going to spend their time and money on your behalf. Therefore, hiring a licensed private investigator who will go the distance to get the proof you need can not only make a court decision possible but also help you succeed.

    We understand the importance of a beneficial outcome when paying for an asset search. That is why we provide in-depth services that get results. With the utmost care and dedication, we search for only accurate, verifiable proof of your hidden assets.

    Our investigators serve all types of asset search clients including:

    • Individuals with lost assets seeking proof of their ownership
    • Small businesses owed money by clients, customers, or vendors
    • Collection agencies seeking up-to-date information on debtors and accounts
    • Legal professionals who need information about financial assets to help with both criminal and civil court cases
    • Asset recovery specialists who need proof of ownership before collecting for clients
    • People filing lawsuits or small claims against individuals or businesses

    The world is full of lost, forgotten, and purposefully hidden assets that belong to someone who may not even know they exist. For those trying to recover these valuable things, precise information matters more than anything. Forget basic Internet searches that only give out of date or inaccurate information. When you engage the services of a professional asset search investigator in Alabama, the chance of recovery increases. All of the private investigators we have available are licensed, experience, and ready to do what it takes to help you get what you deserve.