• Surveillance

  • Modern surveillance by trained private investigators in Birmingham and the surrounding area differs greatly from how investigations operated in the past. The experts like those used at Robison Legal Services combine their astute minds with the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right and the latest technology that helps them collect evidence you need. Efficiency and accuracy come from a combination of advanced surveillance tech and the learned skills of the professional.

    No matter how powerful recording technology becomes, surveillance works better with a personal touch. Since these private investigators come from military or law enforcement backgrounds, they have to skills necessary to observe and mentally collect information from many different settings and situations. You receive hardcopy and digital proof in the form of photos, videos, and written statements that can help support your claims or case in court if necessary.

    A tool is only as good as the person who uses it. Our private investigators are highly trained in all the latest and most innovative surveillance tools used from their vehicle, office, or in person. As in-depth the collection possibilities are, following all local, state, and federal laws is necessary. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should not attempt surveillance on your own.

    Various Professional Surveillance Methods

    Two levels of specialized services exist: discovery and evidence collection. During a discovery project, a private investigator seeks out enough verifiable information to confirm or disprove any allegations or claims. During an evidence collection project, the investigator gathers and documents official information that can support a claim and stand up in court.

    A variety of techniques work for different types of surveillance and evidence collection. The methods used depend on the type of information you want our investigators to gather, whether it is for your personal records or legal court proceedings. We can handle both with a long track record of experience and training. Our Alabama private investigators are prepared to support their official statements in court or merely provide proof or invalidation for whatever claim an individual makes.

    Distance photography requires specialty equipment with telephoto lenses and high quality in order to capture shots that show undeniable evidence. The same goes for video cameras. If you need audio-based information, the microphones and recording equipment required must be state-of-the-art. While many "spy ware" gadgets exist on the marketplace today, many laws exist to moderate their use. Do not attempt to collect evidence on your own or you may find yourself in trouble with law enforcement.

    Other options for reliable surveillance and data collection include GPS tracking devices and associated applications that can map his subjects movements or verify claims that they were in a specific spot at a particular time. Again, legal issues of fact their use for both personal information gathering and court evidence collection.

    The modern, high-tech capabilities have expanded the surveillance world in amazing ways. However, a simple gadget is no alternative to the service you get from a private investigator with in-depth knowledge of the law, proper techniques, and access to expensive and high-powered equipment. Using methods perfected over the course of many years, these professionals have a greater chance of getting the right photos, relevant audio, and effective video without compromising any laws or legal proceedings. Perhaps most of all, a hired investigator has the time and patience to get the job done right.

    Surveillance is one of specialties, contact us to see how we may help with your unique situation. Dothan Alabama private investigators serving the southeast with contacts nationwide!