• You may think only celebrities and millionaires require personal protection or bodyguards. People from all walks of life, however, may need protection due to legal difficulties, corporate influence, or even domestic violence. No matter what the reason, the peace of mind that comes with some level of security detail can help you go about your day-to-day business with less risk and fear. Professional personal security experts develop a customized plan that suits your needs for safety. They use knowledge, experience, and a high degree of attention to detail to assess the situation and take appropriate actions.

    Robison Legal Services offers a professional team of security escorts and bodyguards who have the skills necessary to protect you from anyone who wishes to do you harm or compromise your privacy or safety. We understand the delicate nature of this type of service, so we make sure every operative receives the highest level of training and certification. Personal protection providers require the same abilities and experience that law enforcement officials do. They come from police or US military backgrounds, are trained to use X26 tasers, and have the mental fortitude and control to defuse situations wherever necessary.

    You deserve to have peace of mind and a feeling of security in your daily dealings. If you feel threats to your person, your family, your belongings, or your business, our professional team can provide the services to set your mind at ease and to safely get you through your day.