• Far too many unscrupulous people defraud companies or wealthy individuals with false personal injury or insurance claims. These not only waste a lot of time and money by tying up the entity in mediation or civil court but can also damage their reputation. The most common types of personal injury claims include defective products, slip and fall accidents, property negligence, food poisoning and related illnesses, and claims against pets.

    If these claims are accurate and supported by documented fact, the affected person is entitled to appropriate compensation. However, if they do not establish fault clearly, they may receive nothing. Dothan Alabama private investigators like ours support both sides of these issues. They offer in-depth investigative efforts to determine who is at fault, if the claim is valid, and the level of responsibility when it comes to compensation.

    The investigators you hire to help provide a variety of services for any personal injury claim. They can identify and locate eyewitnesses, take official statements, and encourage accuracy and completion of all information. Whether an individual has pertinent information or not, it is important to gather statements quickly in order to protect your case against the opposition's machinations. Records may include written documents, recorded telephone conversations, videotaped interviews, and signed statements read, understood, and approved by the witness themselves. The diversity of options provides opportunity to get exactly the information you need to help your claim move forward successfully.

    Personal injury claims require a lot of evidence to complete successfully. While witness statements help, other documentation makes a difference in either proving the injury exists or disproving the claims. With the utmost discretion and compliance with all necessary laws, our Alabama private investigators can record the claimant in photos or video from a distance or up-close using body cameras. The unobtrusive surveillance may include simply following the individual as they go about their everyday activities. Discovering proof that they are lying about their personal injury, such as a video of them doing heavy lifting or going on a jog, can uncover the fraud.

    If you have been informed that a lawsuit or personal injury claim has been filed against you or your business, you need to investigate the matter fully before settling or going to court. You have every right to gather information about whether the claim is valid and honest or not. While privacy laws prevent some surveillance methods and evidence collection, hiring a Dothan private investigator who understands the legalities makes all the difference. They use every opportunity at their disposal to gather the proof you need to stop fraudulent personal injury cases in their tracks.