• If you have been involved in a fatal or near-fatal vehicular accident, not only do you face a long period of recovery but legal difficulties in criminal or civil court. No matter what the circumstances that surrounded the devastating event, you need more than a personal statement to get the best outcome for your case. After such a traumatic experience, you undoubtedly have shaky recollection of what truly happened and may be more apt to respond emotionally to questions then you would be otherwise.

    The police departments and insurance companies have their own investigative teams trying to find evidence to support their side of the story. If you want to the truth to come out in a way that protects your rights, hiring a professional accident investigator makes sense. You need to know what really happened and have someone who can discover and compile all that information in a way that stands up in court.

    The knowledge, experience, and insight of the Dothan private investigators from Robison Legal Services allow them to find all pertinent information to support proof of your innocence or limited responsibility for the car or truck accident.

    You will win your court case with complete, accurate, and convincing evidence. There is no way to get this without the help of a private investigator who understands the specific needs of accident court cases from both a criminal and civil perspective. If you attempt to do it yourself or rely on insurance company investigators, the chance that you will receive appropriate reimbursement dwindles. Proving lack of fault is virtually impossible if you do not have the data to back it up.

    Skilled accident investigators may do the following to support your case:

    • Locate eyewitnesses, interview them, and get official statements
    • Examine the scene of the accident and document contributing physical factors
    • Investigate the condition, maintenance records, and damage to all vehicles
    • Use all collected data to re-create the accident to determine the truth

    Every one of our client accidents gets the type of in-depth investigation it needs to present an accurate and compelling court argument. Investigators look closely at minute details before, during, and after the accident in question to create a timeline and process that shows exactly what happened. Considerations include the time of day, weather conditions, potential distractions in the area, objects that block the line of sight, street signs, and more. Nothing gets skipped over in the quest to identify all factors that contributed to the vehicular accident.

    After every detail is examined and all the facts uncovered, your accident investigator will prepare an incident file containing written documents, photos, witness statements, contact information, and all other necessary pieces of evidence to help your case. This file can help you or your attorney argue your innocence or level of responsibility with the utmost accuracy. When the truth is revealed, you have a much greater chance of minimizing the loss of a criminal case, financial risk in a civil case, and of helping you to move forward with a clear conscience after such a devastating incident.