• The most recent statistics from the National Crime Information Center reveals that more than 630,000 people went missing in 2014. Nearly ¾ of them were children. Unfortunately, this exceptionally high number does not include every missing person case. Far too often, an adult or teenager leaves home without anyone reporting it to the police or other authorities. These people simply disappear out into the world and are sometimes never heard from again.

    When a person is reported missing, law enforcement officials take over and to investigations on their own under most circumstances. However, the official designation of a missing person varies in different states and municipalities. In some cases, you cannot make a case for a missing adult at all as they are considered autonomous and able to make their own decisions about where they go and when. In other cases, the authorities start to search only after a certain waiting period. Lack of resources, manpower, and other factors can cause dangerous delays in the case of runaways or kidnappings

    If you can find someone you care about, the last thing you want to do is wait around and not take any action to find out where they went. If the police or other authorities do not believe you have a case, you are left worrying about their safety and fearing that you will never see them again. You need answers and assurances that everything is being done possible to make sure nothing bad happens. Hiring a private investigator puts the power in your hands. You do not have to wait even one hour to start the search process. You do not have to give up when the authorities say the search is just not worth their time or energy anymore.

    Are All Missing Persons Cases for Runaways or Abductions?

    No. Although the law enforcement officials may not expend much energy to search for someone who left without the commission of a crime, you can still hire professional help to get you the answers you want. Many reasons exist why you may want to locate someone that if nothing to do with security.

    Other reasons to hire a skilled investigator to search for someone include:

    • Locating your birth family or distant relatives
    • Getting in contact with childhood or school friends
    • Searching for your child's non-custodial parent
    • Locating deadbeat parents or guardians for child support purposes
    • Getting contact information for past partners to notify them of STD diagnoses
    • Finding closure for relationships that ended badly

    Robison Legal Services offers a team of experienced private investigators who have been performing searches for decades. They have successfully located thousands of individuals for a variety of reasons all across the country. The skill, experience, and access to professional resources allow these researchers to get the information needed to solve a missing persons case as quickly as possible.

    It does not matter if the friend, family member, business associate, or acquaintance you want to find is in Alabama or elsewhere in the country. Our private investigators have knowledge and both private and law enforcement contacts in many states to assist with their search.

    Call us today on 334-796-0324 and let us give you a peace of mind.