• The amount of wasted money that gets paid out for insurance claims every year in the United States surpasses $1 billion. Of the total amount, an unfortunate percentage of them are illegitimate and fraudulent. Far too many people see fake injuries or disabilities as an easy way to collect money. They defraud the insurance companies with false claims that are difficult to prove.

    Unfortunately, up to 20% of ordinary people in the United States believe that insurance fraud is a victimless crime. After all, they say, the only people losing out are the big corporations themselves. However, when someone commits fraud and receives months or even years of unnecessary insurance payments, the company raises prices for everyone else who are following the rules. No one wants to pay more than they have to. This makes investigating and stopping insurance fraud of the utmost importance.

    In the quest to discover the truth about whether claimed injuries or disabilities exist or not, private investigators jump into action for the companies themselves and other individuals involved in the claims. If fraud was ignored, it would expand and potentially cripple the industry by sucking funds and forcing prices higher. If these criminals with fabricated medical conditions and home insurance complaints are not stopped, everyone loses in the end.

    Insurance companies take suspicion of fraud quite seriously. In order to protect their own assets, they investigate with the help of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This federal agency not only seeks out all accurate information about a particular claim but also mitigates the financial fallout they discover. Part of the process may include the use of private investigators like ours with the special skills necessary to do appropriate surveillance and data gathering.

    One of the most prominent indications that a person is committing insurance fraud is a history of past fraudulent behavior. Most engage in these scams multiple times before they are caught. However, when a skilled Alabama private investigator is on the job, these instances can stop before large payouts are made. People follow behavioral patterns, and any disruption is assigned that their damages or injuries may be in accurately reported.

    Some other signs of potential insurance fraud include:

    • Any emotional or psychological inconsistencies or extreme behaviors not usually seen in the insurance claims process. This could include excess anxiety, guilty body language, or obvious lies and explanations that conflict each other
    • Lack of receipts, medical reports, and other paperwork evidence to back up their claims
    • Any prior increase in insurance coverage before the incident occurs
    • Life changes such as leaving a job or moving right before the insurance claim is made.
    • Parallel claims for things like workers compensation or other benefits around the same time but not seemingly connected to the insurance claim.
    • Signs of unnecessary or excessive medical appointments and treatment. This may be a sign that they are attempting to inflate costs and therefore their payouts.

    Although these and other things may indicate insurance fraud, they can also exist as part of an honest and viable claim. In order to determine the truth, the insurance company needs additional information.

    While the majority of fraudulent insurance claims are submitted by the individual themselves, unscrupulous physicians and attorneys may also attempt to extract more money than they are due from a situation. In these cases, which are highly illegal, the professional collects a large portion of the payments and only passes on small amount to the affected person.

    The investigative teams that work across the United States find over 30,000 fraudulent insurance claims every year. This leads to increased expenses for the attorneys who need to prove the cases and for people who purchase insurance policies of their own. If experience private investigators were called in first, the number of settlements would decrease considerably. Catch the fraudsters before they get one check or deposit, and the insurance companies themselves avoid the expenses associated with getting it back.

    If you represent an insurance company that wants to minimize cases of fraud and unwarranted payments, you need the type of clear and complete information you can only get from a private investigator. Not only can our specialists help to stop unwarranted settlements, but they can also help build stronger case if you do have to go to court.

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