• Most people rely on the 24 satellites that the US Department of Defense positioned in orbit around Earth to provide Global Positioning System (GPS) assistance. This powerful navigational system allows you to easily find your way across the country or to the closest restaurant. In order to do this, the satellites transmit signals to receivers or tracking devices on vehicles, smart phones, or other mobile gadgets. Their precision has improved greatly over the years and can now identify exactly where a car or person is with detailed latitude and longitude numbers. The first public use of GPS came way back in 1983, and it has become an integral part of modern life.

    Besides allowing you to drive your car directly to your desired location and similar activities, GPS has a considerable range of uses for both individuals and businesses. Within the bounds of Alabama law, the private investigators at Robison Legal Services use GPS devices to both track and locate people, vehicles, and objects any time of the day or night.

    How Businesses Use GPS Technology

    One of the most common uses for company-specific GPS involves tracking fleets of vehicles. Company cars or trucks represent a substantial financial investment. The last thing any business wants is for one or more of their vehicles to disappear or get stolen. Also, this type of tracking helps improve efficiency and accuracy of service routes and deliveries.

    Some companies that frequently use GPS technology include:

    • Limousine and hired car companies
    • Rental car providers
    • Floral and gift basket delivery services
    • Trucking companies
    • Pizza and other take-out food businesses
    • Distributors and inter-store transport
    • Plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and other service providers
    • First responders like firefighters and paramedics

    How Private Individuals Use GPS Tracking

    With the help of a private investigator who understands legal factors affecting the use of GPS gadgets, and individual can use them for a variety of purposes. The small sizes and potential for concealment make the latest technology quite effective.

    Private uses of GPS technology include:

    • Keeping track of a significant other's vehicle to determine if they are cheating
    • Tracking a minor child to maintain safety when on their own
    • Provide security for your personal vehicle so it can be tracked in case it is stolen
    • Protect valuable items that may be of interest to burglars

    Whether you are engaged in an infidelity investigation or want to increase the chances of recovering your expensive stereo or fine artwork in case of a theft, a tiny and unobtrusive GPS tracker provides the capability. Alabama private investigators with knowledge of this technology, the ability to use it in a legal manner, and the resources to track the object on the move provide invaluable services in many different circumstances. GPS tracking provides not only trustworthy information in an investigation but also peace of mind that your loved ones and property will remain safe.

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